Portable Restroom Rental Costs and
Considerations for Your Needs

Portable restrooms, often called porta-potties, are a necessary solution for events, construction sites, or locations lacking permanent facilities. But navigating the rental process can be confusing. This guide will shed light on portable restroom rental costs and factors affecting the price tag.

Types of Portable Restrooms:

  • Standard Portable Toilet: The most basic option, featuring a single stall and basic amenities.


  • Handicap Accessible Portable Toilet: Similar to standard units but with wider doorways and grab bars for accessibility.


  • Flushing Portable Toilet: Offers a more comfortable experience with a flushable toilet and running water.


  • Luxury Restroom Trailer: Multi-stall units with flushing toilets, running water, sinks, mirrors, and even air conditioning for a premium restroom experience.

Portable Restroom Rental Cost Factors:

  • Type of Restroom: Standard units are the most affordable, while luxury trailers command a higher price.


  • Rental Duration: Weekly or monthly rentals are generally cheaper than daily rates.


  • Delivery and Pick-Up: The distance to your location can affect delivery and pick-up fees.


  • Service Frequency: The number of times the restroom is serviced (pumped and cleaned) per week impacts the cost.


  • Location: Rental rates can vary depending on your geographic area.

Additional Considerations:

  • Handwashing Station: Renting a portable handwashing station alongside restrooms is recommended, especially for events with food service.


  • Event Size and Expected Use: The number of restrooms needed depends on the event size and expected duration of use. Industry standards suggest one porta-potty per 25–50 people for events lasting under 4 hours, with adjustments for longer durations.


  • Permitting Requirements: Check with local authorities to determine if any permits are required for placing portable restrooms on your property.

Tips for Saving Money:

  • Rent for the Shortest Duration Possible: Plan your rental period carefully to avoid unnecessary rental days.


  • Consider Group Rentals: If coordinating with other event organizers nearby, explore group rentals for potential discounts.



  • Bundle Services: Some companies offer bundled packages that include delivery, servicing, and pick-up at a discounted rate.

By understanding the different types of portable restrooms, rental cost factors, and additional considerations, you can make informed decisions when renting portable restrooms for your upcoming event or project. Remember to get quotes from several companies and factor in all the additional costs to ensure your budget stays on track.



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